Steve Birtwistle

Personal Fitness Coach

Your own Personal Fitness Coach

I am a REPS registered Personal Trainer and qualified in 2010 with Premier Training International.

Each individual is unique and everyone I train does something different, it’s all about finding out what works. Gym work, resistance and weight training, running, cycling, swimming. Run sessions, circuit training, core strength and all over conditioning. I train people who want to get strong for their specific sport, people who just want to get fitter and stronger and those who really want help to lose ‘weight’ and fit into a smaller dress or trouser size!

As well as exercise, I advise on the importance of eating a good balanced diet and making sensible food choices. Again, everyone is different and I work with vegetarians, people with food allergies and some who are completely new to eating anything that is not out of a packet and fits in a microwave! Most people have one session a week and I plan their complete weekly schedule, fitting in workouts and sessions into their working lives and helping them understand how getting fitter and stronger through exercise will enable them to be fit and strong for work and everyday life.

The emphasis in my approach to training? FUN! If you enjoy working out and being active then the rest will fit into place.

Here's what some of my clients have to say

Signing up to a series of PT sessions with Steve has enabled me to achieve my personal goals in relation to my level of fitness and weight loss. In particular Steve has: Encouraged me to change my eating habits and eating pattern; motivated me to put in the required amount of work to ensure that I achieve the results I am looking for; given me regular feedback and updates to ensure that my gym sessions aren’t boring and repetitive. The more effort I put in the quicker I achieve results, and the quicker I achieve results the more motivated I am to put more effort in! I know that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goals if I had just kept doing what I have always done. I strongly recommend signing up with Steve if you want to make sure you get results.
Mandy, Health Management.

I have been having personal training with Steve B for the past 8 weeks and have really enjoyed the direction and motivation he has given me. I am now lifting heavy weights and interval training which has resulted in me losing centimetres from all over my body. I am already much fitter and have started to feel a real difference in my clothes. I am stronger and have much more enthusiasm for my fitness regime as I can see results after each session. I would definitely recommend his personal training to anyone, he is keen to help you make a difference and encourages you to keep up the hard work.
Lara, Recruitment Manager

It has been a great pleasure to train with Steve Birtwistle the last three months. Having arrived from Mallorca, not knowing a soul in Dorset (!), it was fantastic to discover a personal trainer who understood the needs of a “lapsed” marathon runner. Having had a back problem as a result of a bad fall during the summer my fitness levels were at a low and I had stopped running completely. However, under Steve’s tutelage, I have got right back into regular daily running, weight training and become more mindful of the importance of keeping a balanced diet. It is particularly nice that Steve always has a smile on his face, a good sense of humour, and is hugely enthusiastic about his job, adapting the training programme on a regular basis to suit my training needs. It is to his credit that he will go for a run with a client even if it’s snowing or pouring with rain! In the space of three months, my back problem has completely diminished, my stamina and fitness levels increased 100 per cent and I am feeling healthier and better than I have done for many months. I cannot recommend Steve highly enough.
- Anna Nicholas, Author and Journalist,

Thanks for all your help so far, I'm really enjoying the training and love being pushed past my usual limits!!!
- Tony Williams, Maritone Building