Steve Birtwistle

Personal Fitness Coach

Fit for Life

Back when I was a youngster cricket and rugby were my two passions and I loved sport. I was always active and never inside, permanently doing some form of physical activity, badminton, squash, cycling, running, football, fishing, 10 pin bowling and anything else inbetween, darts, cards and dominoes! I was always very competitive. However, it wasn’t until I got involved in triathlon that I realised I had found my calling! For some reason, swimming, biking and running in one race just appealed and once I had completed my first triathlon I was hooked! Since then, I was fortunate enough to qualify for the 2008 Ironman 70.3 Triathlon World Championships in Florida, which consisted of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13 mile run.

Prior to this in 2005 I was a hefty 17 stone, regularly consumed 8 pints of Guinness of an evening and got through nearly 20 fags a day. Something had to give, and as I was now a fully fledged father I did not want to be puffing and panting around a football field trying to keep up with a spritely 6 year old. I quit the booze and fags and cycled to work and back on a daily basis. Before I knew it, 6 months on and 3 stone lighter, I felt great and it only dawned on me I’d lost so much weight when going into the wardrobe to pick out a suit to wear for a family do, it wouldn’t fit! Too big. Size 38 waist was reduced to 32. First triathlon done in 2006 and I continued to race and ride my bike all over the place. I loved it. I then started looking at how to improve my diet and especially look closely at what I was feeding my family, and realised how important it was to eat healthy food and have a balanced and nutritious diet.

Now, in 2011, my wife is running the London Marathon after 6 months of training( yes, believe it or not she now listens to her husband! ) and she has stripped off the weight as well, and she feels and looks fantastic. And she now loves running, which is the most important thing.

For me, sport is fun, and about having a good time and enjoying life! It’s just a bonus that if you take part in regular activity you will have a physique or shape that you can be proud of. This is how I approach my personal training, and I try to inspire and motivate people to enjoy their exercise. Yes, it is hard work sometimes, but the sense of achievement and rewards that come from that effort are unbelievably self-satisfying.

If you would like me to inspire and motivate you to enjoy exercise and get fit and healthy in the process then contact me.